Crossing Oceans …

Melissa FieldI want to introduce you to a new and fresh find – Melissa Field and her collected works on

Melissa has a beautiful story of one woman’s very honest journey to discover clarity, purpose and a deep connection with herself.  In her own words –  “ I like to share my adventures in writing, pursuing my passions, exploring well-being, soul growth and more. I love meditation and am grateful to be able to share it with other people in a way that I hope is accessible and enjoyable.”

Melissa offers a variety of meditations for others to experience.  I have thoroughly enjoyed many and love her calm, soothing voice.

She is also a published author.  “The Good Luck Knot” has earned 4+ stars on Good Reads – it is available in several eBook formats as well as paperback.  She includes links on her site.Good Luck Knot

Take the time to introduce yourself to Melissa and her writing.  I have a strong gut feeling you’ll find her just as compelling as I do…




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