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I Wonder……

What random, secret  and delightful act of kindness can I do today for someone – and completely freak them out?

PS- in response to a reader’s question as to what was my particular secret angel surprise:

“Too much fun!  There is an older fella that lives on the second floor and he gets his newspaper delivered to the outside of the building.  I am up way way early so I am delivering it to his doorstep in the building on tiptoe so he doesn’t have to climb up and down the stairs.  I knows he’s going to freak as this is a “secure” building but I am hoping he just soaks in the joy of a “home delivery” of his paper!”


Equations of Everyday Life #2: Inane Celebrity Memes

This is one of my favorite blogs and I just love this post!! So, what are you paying attention to Today??

The Millennium Conjectures™

“You’re not famous until my mother has heard of you”–Jay Leno 

(Jay Leno graduated from Emerson College the same year I did.  Aren’t you unimpressed?)

Lindsay Lohan…Paris Hilton…Charlie Sheen…you just gotta follow these people to be “with it” in this day and age.  What I can’t figure out is exactly what “it” is. The nonsense involving these silly (do I dare say ridiculous?) excuses for humanity, and the speed with which their inane meme virality propagates throughout the internet and general mediasphere is stultifying.

 How do we quantify this vacuous tripe?  Quite obviously with:

The Index of Inane Celebrity Meme Virality

Get out your calculators folks, though the math on this one may require something more like a Cray supercomputer.   This process requires not one step, but three.

  1. Rate the inanity
  2. Compute the Virality Index
  3. Classify the virality using the Virality Classification Scale

Rating Inanity

This part is…

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A Soul’s Gentle Urging…….

Lighten Up!!!!!       Play!!!     Now!!!!

Courtesy of Tasli Shaw

A Smile for Your Day…..

No additional words needed……

courtesy of Capt Jim Maya

A Daughter to a Mother….at Death…

You stare at me with those baleful eyes

Draining they were – a crystal blue

       that left them transparent-

Sunk back in reproach, in wonder…

       Dared me to look

Smirking at what you were sure I’d see-

Like a badge you carry that tufted, misshapen head

                 Swollen, bloated belly – white

Those long, narrow limbs,  fingers

               that keep clutching open and shut

At Nothing.

You dare me to look at you, Frog Lady-

              “tell me what you see”, you croak-

I throw back my head, laughing – exposing white teeth.

“I see a picture, Frog Lady, of another swollen belly

          only this one

this one is full of life-

And it was oh so long ago that I clutched that great belly

        in wonder at the magic.

And I lay my head against it

And you lay your hand on my hair

        pushed the bangs from my own  eyes…

It was so long ago, Frog Lady”

I look now at the bloated belly

To embrace it now is to embrace Death

        And it frightens me, Frog Lady

And my teeth, white

          are still bared….

And it’s cold

        Dead white cold

And you never really knew

         did you, Frog Lady?

Sharon Mary Golden 1944 – 1994  She loved frogs….

(Raiana Golden – 1994 – all rights reserved)

A Mother to a Daughter….at Birth….

Courtesy of

Some children enter our world

and have the sun continuously basking them in luxurious warmth.

They are indeed fortunate.

Other children are continuously reaching through the sun to the moon –

Their road is rough.

You are one of these children –  my Dear.

Your are, indeed, Blessed…

(Sharon Mary Golden – 1964 – my mother – all rights reserved)

What Matters…. To you?

courtesy of

This is an election year in the states and a potentially contentious one at that.  Beyond contentious actually – frighteningly so – actually.  That’s not the premise of the question – but it could be the driver.  I am posing it mostly to myself.  What matters – to me – to you?  At the end of the day – what really matters?  Your BMW?  Your parakeets?  Your 401K, your kids? Your next career move?  Your blood pressure reading? Your golf score, another’s day energy spent?  What is your end state destination?  Do you know?

Seriously – ask yourself – at the end of the day -diving down in the sheets – what matters to you?   Why do you persist on getting up in the morning?

I’m asking myself and I’m asking you because when the chips are down and you’re staring in the mirror – the only thing that will keep you moving is an understanding of what you are moving for – plain and simple…

What matters to you?

What matter to you?

What matters to you?

Do you know now?

(Raiana Golden 2012 all rights reserved)