What Matters to You?

courtesy of scoopit.com

This is an election year in the states and a potentially contentious one at that.  Beyond contentious actually – frighteningly so – actually.  That’s not the premise of the question – but it could be the driver.  I am posing it mostly to myself.  What matters – to me – to you?  At the end of the day – what really matters?  Your BMW?  Your parakeets?  Your 401K, your kids? Your next career move?  Your blood pressure reading? Your golf score, another’s day energy spent?  What is your end state destination?  Do you know?

Seriously – ask yourself – at the end of the day -diving down in the sheets – what matters to you?   Why do you persist on getting up in the morning?

I’m asking myself and I’m asking you because when the chips are down and you’re staring in the mirror – the only thing that will keep you moving is an understanding of what you are moving for – plain and simple…

What matters to you?

What matter to you?

What matters to you?

Do you know now?

(Raiana Golden 2012 all rights reserved)


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