The Inner Circle Travel Advise…

My Bon Voyage gathering had the following advice for my journey – enjoy!!

Ron Says: “don’t drink the water” and “stay organized so you don’t have to stay focused”

Mariah says: “clean underpants in your purse” Ron adds – “aka – purse panties” he’s Mariah’s husband – he’s allowed…

Russ says: “find yourself a good realtor over there -after that – take your return ticket and rip it up – esp. in Italy” – group concensus here… “P. S. by everyone- have at least one guest room…”

Kim says: “Carry the your valuables close to your person” and “meet the locals and go with the flow”

Rob says: “always know where your your towel is” and “ask for glass of water…”

Mary Ann says: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – when you keep things organized its very easy to move forward in an integrated fashion.” (bravo for me – Mary Ann loves my packing cubes!!)

Will says: “share yourself with the world but meet me in Paris” He’s my Beloved… he’s allowed….


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