Equations of Everyday Life #2: Inane Celebrity Memes

This is one of my favorite blogs and I just love this post!! So, what are you paying attention to Today??

The Millennium Conjectures™

“You’re not famous until my mother has heard of you”–Jay Leno 

(Jay Leno graduated from Emerson College the same year I did.  Aren’t you unimpressed?)

Lindsay Lohan…Paris Hilton…Charlie Sheen…you just gotta follow these people to be “with it” in this day and age.  What I can’t figure out is exactly what “it” is. The nonsense involving these silly (do I dare say ridiculous?) excuses for humanity, and the speed with which their inane meme virality propagates throughout the internet and general mediasphere is stultifying.

 How do we quantify this vacuous tripe?  Quite obviously with:

The Index of Inane Celebrity Meme Virality

Get out your calculators folks, though the math on this one may require something more like a Cray supercomputer.   This process requires not one step, but three.

  1. Rate the inanity
  2. Compute the Virality Index
  3. Classify the virality using the Virality Classification Scale

Rating Inanity

This part is…

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2 responses to “Equations of Everyday Life #2: Inane Celebrity Memes

  1. ghds2000@yahoo.com

    MC Hammer always sung “git wit it” ….never could figure it out back then…

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    • Yea – I’d love to know the total Journalistic “coverage converted to inches count” comparing Brittany’s Spears antics and – oh – say – the crisis in Somolia…..

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