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New World Order – a Fresh Perspective on Keeping up with the Jones….

It’s taken me the better part of this sabbatical to unravel myself from the old constructs and definitions of success to find my authentic way of being in the world by my own definition.  While I’m still on the quest – this quote from Free Will Astrology is an apt summary.  Where are the Jones now?

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In the New Earth, it won’t be your material wealth that will win you the most bragging points. Nor will it be the important people you know or the deals you’ve swung or the knowledge you’ve amassed or your mate’s attractiveness.

What will bring you most prestige and praise in the civilization to come will be your success in transmuting the unripe, ignorant, and shameful aspects of your psyche into golden assets that fuel your power to give blessings to the world.”

A Smile for Your Day……

This is the newest addition to one of the Puget Sound resident orca pods. 

Look at that little guy go!!! 

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Words of Wisdom…

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” 

Leonardo Da Vinci

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Lateral Love Australia inspired me to share this quote – an amazing organization that is dedicated to gathering back the lost children of indigenous Australia – check them out!

The Inverse Properties of Feeling – An Observation….

“To the degree that you allow yourself the depth of your feelings – any and all of them – like a sine curve – you invite the exact magnitude of opposites.  Want to experience ecstasy?  Allow the rage.  If you don’t allow the depth out of fear or judgement – you ultimately flatline – so little sorrow then so little joy”  Raiana Golden

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A Thought from a Star Ocean…

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 They said it could never happen-

This ocean I view you across

         In which you may ascertain your own outline….

 That distant shore I call myself – estranged now from what it once knew


and dared to call a possibility…

 Rhetoric is the curtain call and a grand, traditional mantle it is-

Dark, thick, warm…. With very certain edges-

       Excuses all original thought that may arouse a sense of uncertainty –

        – lack of clarity….

 And so it did

So boldly

So shamelessly

    In the name of… nameless passion

                   For Life.

 For that which it is Not…

 For how can one know oneself if not against the mirror

Of That-

        which It is Not?

Raiana Golden (2012 – all rights reserved)

The Daily Wonder

The Daily Wonder.

Contemplation on Freedom…..

I ran across this lovely contemplation on personal freedom at one of my favorite sites – Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology – Enjoy! 

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My old philosophy professor Norman O. Brown would periodically interrupt his lectures, tilt his head upward as if tuning in to the whisper of some heavenly voice, and announce in a puckish tone, “It’s time for your irregular reminder: We’re already living after the end of the world. No need to fret anymore.”

The implication was that the worst had already happened. We had lost much of the cultural riches that had given humans meaning for centuries. All that was going to be taken from us had already been taken.

On the bright side, that meant we were utterly free to reinvent ourselves. Living amidst the emptiness, we had nowhere to go but up. What remained was alienating, but it was also fresh.

Working from the hypothesis that you’re living after the end of the world, what are you free to do that you weren’t able to do before? Who are you free to be?”
The preceding oracle comes from my book, PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings.

Random Thought Regarding Judgement…..

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What if nothing was good or bad?  What if we dispensed with judgement of ourselves and others and see all as simply a series of choices along the continuum of human experience? 

Would we be happier?

All Things Are Possible…..

….Especially with Lift Off-

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Introducing “Get Inspired to Create a Life……”

Introducing my newest addition to “Get A Life” Resources

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The “Get Inspired to Create a Life” page  showcases resources I find particularly inspiring and useful in my journey to get off the habitrail of my conditioned and programmed thought highway and create my life – defined by me. 

This page  will be ever evolving as I discover, uncover and trip over new and interesting material.  Check it out on the Get A Life Resources link header and let me know what you think.