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Bathing Suit Crisis….

So I left my last post in pursuit of the “age appropriate” bathing suit. I should have said “bathing costume” because – I’m tellin’ ya’ll – the bits and pieces of fabric they are calling bathing suits these days….well….it’s got me laughing out loud… myself….in the mirror.

Now lest you think me some kind of prude – au contraire – but, please, did any of these designers actually put these costumes on THEIR bodies and float test them personally???  I think not!  The last thing I need to have to deal with in the middle of the Ligurian Sea with dolphins – playful little (ok, not so little) beings that they are – is bottom minus while surfacing.  And, ok, let’s get clear on age appropriate – where is that line in the sand or surf where a two piece just isn’t the right thing to do anymore….and who says??

I’ll tell you who says – yep – the @$#%#%# mirror – that’s who says.

So, Mirror Mirror On The Wall…..

Still on the hunt….suggestions always welcome.

Signing out with a wish for all to enjoy your Now – just like a dolphin who’s got your bottom while you surface.


Italy Bound in 2 1/2 weeks!

Whales and dolphins begin my journey in August.  2 weeks aboard the 63ft sailboat “Pelagos” in the Ligurian Sea off the coast of San Remo, Italy participating in Cetacean Sanctuary Research conducted by the Tethys Research Institute.

We volunteers will be basically research grunts and get to learn cool things like:

 photographic and photo-identification techniques
 methods for conducting visual and acoustic surveys
 insight into cetacean behaviour
 methods for conducting population studies
 use of personal and palmtop computers, dedicated software and research equipment including binoculars, GPS (Global Positioning System), chronometer, acoustic array, etc. 
finder, TDR (Time-Depth Recorder), etc.
 useful information and contacts for beginning a career as a natural scientist
 basic navigation and sailing techniques
 basic notions of cartography and route mapping on nautical charts.

Oh, and fin recognition (yes – it’s going to be crucial to be able to discern a shark from a dolphin BEFORE you give the all clear for folks to jump in the water!!).  Me?  I’ll be in the front row of the class!

The Tethys Institute is part of the Cetacean Alliance which is a group of non-profit, non-governmental organizations that are working to preserve marine biodiversity and reduce human impact on cetacean populations.  The  volunteers get to have a hands on and very direct involvement in the research itself and have an amazing experience at the same time.  Who could ask for more??

I’m off to continue the hunt for an age-appropriate bathing suit – sigh – the days of restoring brightwork in a bikini are Long Gone (yep, I was a professional yacht refinisher in a former life….)

Work in Progress……

Being a recovering perfectionist – I opted to just get this site up and continue to work on its structure and content as I went along.  I knew if I waited until everything was…well… perfect – it would never get done.  That being said – I am feverishly working on content and my Beloved has graciously volunteered to work out the techy kinks since he knows – if I wait until I have those all figured out…..well… would seriously never get off the ground! So please bear with me as I try to shape a vision into a little slice of reality.

What’s coming?

A Journey page sharing posts of my travels, adventures, misadventures (minimal we can only hope), folks met, experiences enjoyed, challenges surmounted and generally, the journey as it unfolds.

A Travel Hints & Tips page that will include great gear I’ve found, worthy resources I deemed helpful, great venues, sights and people I encountered along the way and anything else I think is just too fabulous to keep to myself.

A Random Thoughts page for various writings, essays, poetry, ideas, thoughts, and ruminations encountered along the way.

And whatever else the spirit moves me to include and share.  Signing off for now with a favorite quote from an old friend:

 “Have all the fun you’re willing to have”

Ok, time to lighten things up….

Ok – time to get out the deep end of the pool for a bit. What you may have gathered – or not – is that traveling is a key component of this sabbatical year. The typical desire to experience other cultures, food, music, art, etc. etc. etc. And, being a dyed in the wool project manager – I tackled my 3 month adventure planning with all the attention to detail you’d probably spend on yours. With one interesting twist…..

Every time I’d pick up a guide-book for any of the places I’m going to – I’d start to read the damn thing and literally – the pages swam in front of my eyes. I’m NOT kidding! I have brought books back from the library countless times, spent quality time at a local travel center library, surfed the web for days – and I can’t get past the first paragraph the seems to shout at me that “xyz” is a MUST SEE, a MUST experience. Then – that’s it – the book goes on the coffee table and sits until it’s time to go back to the library (actually I have late fees but that’s between you and me). The web page stays up for hours while I do laundry, dust the furniture – working around the books on the coffee table – or I sit on my deck and look out at the water through the rain (another detail about me – I live in Seattle and it’s July 17th and it’s still RAINING!) Honestly – I’m leaving in 3.5 weeks and I haven’t a clue what to do when I arrive – except check in.

I thought about it a lot today – on the deck watching the rain – and the gist of the internal dialogue went something like this: Oh for gods sake – get a grip – get over yourself! Figure it out already! Was I really not wanting to go on this trip? Was this some kind of phsyco-mental thing cropping up – some latent weirdness from my childhood – some avoidance maneuver? Just read the damn books already!

And it came to me. I really just want the cities and places I’m going to simply talk – to me. Tell me what they want me to see, smell, eat, hear, feel as I wander around rather than me showing up with a preconceived idea of what I am ‘supposed’ to experience and then feverishly running about making sure I do – and then completely missing the real pulse – whatever that is.

I have no clue what’s right action – I just know this is what came to me today as some kind of explanation and I wanted to share it just in case there are others out there who’ve experienced the same thing. So, if this little conundrum strikes a cord – let me know your thoughts – or experiences.

Signing off – I need to run to the library and drop off some guidebooks…

In the Beginning there was Light…..

During a visit to the Monte Verde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica I was first introduced to concept of Light Gaps.  Essentially, when a large canopy tree falls, usually during a storm, it takes out a section of the forest canopy thereby creating a Light Gap that allows direct sunlight to reach the forest floor. Dormant seedlings suddenly have the opportunity to germinate and grow.  This energy has a direct and immediate effect on its environs.

“Heliotropism” is the scientific name for this kind of solar-centric behavior, behavior that in some sense represents nothing more than brute reflex, evidence of a biological need so fundamental that its denial would mean the difference between life and death. Plants need light, so they move toward it. End of story.”   by Arika Theule-VanDam

I like what Arika implies here – that there is an urgency, an imperative that demands we give our ideas, dreams and aspirations a chance. We need light – our souls demand that we explore the possibilities of worlds outside the limited cage of our logical rational world. In the absence of that opportunity – illness, addictions, aberrant behavior like forest floor parasites, are given their opportunities to use and eventually kill their hosts – end of story. I also believe we all experience our own light gaps during the course of our lives.  An illness, sudden death, loss of a job or a serious accident – any number of things act like that giant tree falling in the wind – ripping away our canopy of complacency and offers light to the emergent and urgent needs of the truest nature of ourselves.  We have the choice of what to do with that opportunity. In our tender, dark and private forest floor moments, I believe we all yearn for a light gap of our own.

 I decided to create my own Light Gap this sabbatical year.  To explore what Brezsny calls the alternate realities of the unconscious, the dreamtime, the spiritual sphere, the intelligence of nature and the realm of the ancestors.  This site is a venue for just such exploration.  And, to insist on a hard and fast direction or one concrete path at the start of this journey seems to me to negate the very notion of a light gap in its infancy.  The forest floor – once availed of the light – produces all manner of plant species.  It is only over time that those strong enough and meant to grow to full height and maturity will overtake the weaker, less relevant species and fully engage their environment.  They will then contribute their unique attributes to the overall ecosystem.  The outcome is a mystery – the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

I am going to let all my up-til-now dormant ideas, writings and ruminations have their voice – finally. See what they have to say.  Over time – organically – the ones meant to nurture not only myself but hopefully inspire others and add positively to the whole will make themselves known. Lumen Hiatus is not focused on one plane of thought but rather allows myself and a reader to experience a renaissance of thought without the constraint of parameter or agenda.  And, in its turn, may perhaps inspire others to create their own Lumen Hiatus.

In the Beginning…..

 “I’ve got no problem with the real world.  I spend a lot of time there, enjoy its chewy riddles, and take it quite seriously.  But I also consider myself a militant lobbyist for all the Other Worlds – the domain of everything that’s invisible to the naked eye and irrelevant to the schemes of the rational ego.  These alternate realities consist of the unconscious, the dreamtime, the spiritual sphere, the intelligence of nature, and the realm of the ancestors.  In my astrological opinion, you’re due for a major upgrade in your relationship with these dimensions in the next 12 months.  Now would be a good time to get started.”  Free Will Astrology for Gemini by Rob Brezsny  for the week of July 6

 So I have given away a couple of things – I am a Gemini and I read astrology – at least this once.  I start this blog site out with this particular passage because it could not have been any closer to how I would describe myself and my current life path if I had written it myself – thank you Rob – you saved me the trouble – I owe you.  And the queer and delightful coincidence is Lumen Hiatus was born the week of July 6.  Anyone who knows me however, is aware that I don’t believe in coincidences or chance and it always surprises me anyway – go figure.

 I’ll give away another detail – I am currently on a year – or more – sabbatical from the 8-5 corporate world.  What most associate with the “real and rational”.  I could call it One Woman’s Search for Authenticity but that smacks of a midlife or late life crisis and a bit too self-involved.  Not to mention, a bit cliché.  If I have offended anyone out there on their own quest for authenticity please accept my apologies – I mean that only in the context of my own evolution (or devolution but let’s not go there…)  Bottom Line – I haven’t decided yet what to label this adventure – it may only come when it’s over, who knows…..  And yes, yet another factoid – I am indeed a woman.

 That’s it for today – tune in if interested for more divulgences, musings, unravelings,  the developing roadmap, etc.  Thank you for sharing my little journey with me.

 PS:  for those who wish to follow Mr. Brezsny’s work check out –

Hello world!

Hello all you Thinkers out there – Lumen Hiatus is currently under construction – please check back soon!