Random Thought Regarding the Qualities of a Friend…

Being a woman of a certain age – I’ve had many people come and go in my life.  They leave my world or I leave theirs. New ones wander in… In recent reflection I have found myself wondering what ‘friend’ really means.  In the USA in particular – we tend to bandy about that word rather carelessly in my estimation.  Picture someone slapping you on the back – you just met five minutes ago – and they steer you to another and introduce you as “Friend”.  Really?  Would I even be an aquaintance at that point??

I am reminded today of an exquisite quote by Laurens Van Der Post that offers a descriptive quality of connection, appreciation and nonjudgement that – for me at least – brings to mind perhaps a deeper meaning of “Friend”.

courtesy of lenberstein.com

“So healing did I find it – just to be with someone who was obviously glad to see me and to whom it was not necessary to justify myself” 

L. Van Der Post

Side note – I am particularly grateful today that I can say – well and truly – I have this experience in my life…


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