Random Thought on Spirituality…..

My favorite professor at Seattle U was a 72 year old Jesuit.  In his world religion class – the very first thing he said was “I hate the catholic church but at my age what else am I going to do?”  God I love the Jesuits!  Anyway – he shared his perception regarding the difference between religion and spirituality by pointing our attention to their latin roots.  Religion’s root Religio simply means to ‘bind’.  You can be bound to anything – your job, your golf handicap, relationships, limiting beliefs, dogma, prejudice, your pet, your bank balance, your title, etc.  I get the sense of the external in the word ‘religion’….

Spirituality’s latin root Spirare means “to breath”.  Breath is life.  Regardless of what we experience in our lives – we have to breath to keep on living – period.  Breath doesn’t judge, perceive, qualify, analyze, et al – it just IS.  Largely – by our autonomic nervous system – we aren’t even choosing to breath – to live we don’t have a choice – breath IS life.  I get the sense of the internal in the word ‘spirituality’.

Tell me if the logic bears out – participation in any religion is a choice but spirituality is not.  We are all spiritual beings – consciously or not – aware or not – in agreement or not.  To me – embracing that power of divine internal breath – allows us to dive deeply into all the experiences of our lives – free of any constraints of judgement that may hold us back from the full journey.  Rather like Life…

There’s a Dante’s Inferno in each of us – can we allow ourselves the gift of that journey in and through our own particular hell and see the beauty of the experience when we surface?

courtesy of neosurrealismart.com

Raiana Golden – all rights reserved


7 responses to “Random Thought on Spirituality…..

  1. You may be right in saying that spirituality is not a choice, because of notions I receive when experiencing and reflecting on it. My wish is that more folks would become aware spirit, though, and actively interact with it. I think many situations would seem better for it.

    Like your insights! Thanks –

    • I think that is exactly where the choice is – being aware of it, integrating and working with it on the journey to higher consciousness and ultimately – peace within. It is my wish as well,,,,, Thanks for the visit. Your blog is fantastic BTW!

  2. beautiful post! the inferno is a gift it’s true and we are purified by the flames before rising from the ashes 🙂 x

  3. PS: That journey is not for the faint of heart as we well know! But so worth it in the end…..

  4. I would buy your logic if you can convince the Casey Treats and other uber large congregation members that Spirituality doesn’t come their wallets every week.

    • Well therein underlines the difference b/t religion and spirituality. Spirit doesn’t require the wallet – or that form of energy to exist. An organization – at least at this point in time – does require energy in the form of money to exist.

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