Is Anybody Listening…

courtesy of Paul Smit

I’m reaching for silence

Is anybody listening?

Silence has so many definitions and I only need one…

is anybody listening?

Do you care? Do you see?  Do You care what you see?



She’s just overwhelmed….. we understand…..




Until…. there is None….

Until….. there is All…….

(Raiana Golden – 2012 – all rights reserved)


7 responses to “Is Anybody Listening…

  1. In silence we can connect with all of our selves, those in pain that need listening too, comforting, reassurance and most importantly loving…I am listening Rai and so is the universe…

  2. I am here, I am listening.

  3. “Quiet your mind! ….soak it all in…it’s a game you can’t win…enjoy the ride…” Zach Brown Band.

  4. I too am here, and I too am listening.

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