Icarus Ascending…

A voyeuristic glimpse into a true heart

What scared you more?

What you saw?    Or…  What you didn’t see?

No reflection of the fear that tracks you

       like a shadow you can’t shake…..   Or run from……  breathing at your heels….

But your friend and confidante none the less.

And far, far more comfortable and seductive than any love you could ever accept

         but desire…….  desperately.




                                               Icarus Ascending…..

Push away the thing you want most

          Accomplish this……. You did.

I am so sorry for you

                              You have your deepest desire

                                          Right in front of you and you won’t see……


I am gone now.

You are safe now.

          Your fears are intact…….  now.

You will be missed.

Raiana Golden – 2012  All Right Reserved)


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