Best Convertible Carry on Bag

The perfect convertible carry on bag if you’re into hands free and no wheels – I am traveling in Europe for 3 months and numerous countries – with all the flights and attendant charges – I have no desire to check luggage. I tried 3 different bags -Rick Steves convertible and the Red Oxx convertible and eBags MotherLode was the best design by far. Lots of room, many compartments including a laptop slot in the back which can double as a stuff area for your purse or messenger bag on airlines that only allow ONE bag total for carry on.  It also has full sided compression straps on the outside if you are struggling to meet the 9″ depth after packing (watch your total weight though – you might meet the dims requirements but if you are overweight you may have to check the bag anyway)  It was also a great price.  There is a handy video on the website that fully explains all the bag’s features.

  Any bag you choose – always completely pack it first, before you take the tags off, and make sure it fits you with the weight and distribution – walk around – at least a mile, go up and down a few flights of stairs – make sure the shoulder straps are comfortable.  I found a chest strap essential to keeping the bag in place especially if you’re running for a train!


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