A New Moon Second Chance……

couertesy of Laura Fredrickson

couertesy of Laura Fredrickson

Mysticmamma.com is my favorite site for all things moon related.  Read on for the full import of today’s New Moon.  This one marks the end of the astrological calendar and an opportunity to swim – humm, no – to frolick in the waters of your own piscean dreams of fresh starts and new beginnings…..

“Beautiful Pisces NEW MOON is here on March 11th 2013!  News is we have an abundance of planets congregating in Pisces right now. My moon is in Pisces so I’m certainly feeling all this watery dreamtime energy 😉
Here are the Astral Insights from the most insightful readers of the planetary bodies…
First from the always wonderful Kelley Rosano:
“The Pisces New Moon holds magical healing power on March 11…We have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. We have a whole lot of Pisces going on. We are tripping with the light fantastic…”
“Pisces energy is spiritual, sensitive and dreamy. This is not the time for facts, figures and fast decisions. In Pisces, it is wise to step back and review how far we have come. We are to dream. We are to flow with the energy. Release our need to control.  Here we play, dream and visualize what we want.”
“The Pisces New moon is the last New Moon for the astrological year.  In western astrology, our new year begins when the sun enters Aries on March 20. This will be the cycle to put our dreams (Pisces) into action (Aries.) Pisces is the cycle for endings and completions. Step one is to rest, restore and breathe deeply. Our life will accelerate greatly in Aries. People will be ready to move forward on their long range plans. New opportunities will emerge for everyone…”
“In Pisces, we surrender our egoic needs and wants. We allow our Higher Self to guide us. Our soul knows our destiny. We can’t know what is right for us from exhaustion. We must be rested. In this way, we choose wisely. We choose what is right for us. Life becomes effortless, when we live from our authentic Soul Self. We connect to our soul’s wishes and desires. We are proactive and not reactive.”
“Pisces rules the twelfth House…The twelfth house shows our limitations, frustrations and shadow side. The self-defeating patterns we disown or deny. The twelfth house is a treasure trove for our hidden strength, untapped talents and abilities. The twelfth house rules our personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. Though hidden from view, the twelfth house is rich in significance.”
“The twelfth house can reveal secret wellsprings of growth, opportunity and strength. Or, it can point out ways we covertly undermine ourselves. Denial creates our suffering. When we are willing to consciously examine and take responsibility for our self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, including those negative feelings we don’t like to admit we possess, we invoke our cathartic healing. In this way, we empower ourselves. We free ourselves from the self-limiting past…”
“We are in a profound cleansing and clearing cycle. Allow the deep emotions emerging from the unconscious to be healed. The past does not equal the future. The past cannot be used as a measure for the future we are creating…We have never been here before. Our past experience cannot be used as a reference point for what we are experiencing. Earth is Ascending. We are Ascending. We are on the leading edge of thought creating the New Earth.
“The Pisces New Moon message is to follow our heart. Only the heart can make our dreams come true. We need to stay out of the ego mind. We are to live from our heart. Allow our heart to open wider. Let Creator’s Love/Light healing energy flow through us. This will heal our past. This will heal our body, mind, heart and soul. Pisces is our opportunity to return to Source. We are to dial out of the over-stimulation of modern life.”
“We allow the magic and mystery of Pisces to take us deeper into our soul. We do this through meditation, music, art, dancing, singing, writing, resting and being in nature.  Doing what we love. We merge with the Divine. “
“Make time for yourself at the New Moon. We are to plant seeds of gratitude, appreciation and faith. Take advantage of the New Moon invitation to rest and retreat. Mars the planet of action, energy and drive fires into his home sign Aries on March 12. We will release the past, racing towards our future.  We move from our inner journey to the outer world and new beginnings.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Kelley Rosano. All Rights Reserved
From Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The New Moon in Pisces occurs at 21 degrees on March 11th, 2013. The New Moon in Pisces is unique and even other worldly in feeling.  We may want to fluidly move with the waves of energy, allow the heart space to open wide and receive the best of whatever  is being offered at this time. It can be love, bliss, compassion, inspiration whatever is in accordance for the individual and the collective. Open to receive and be thankful for the offering  for it is a gift bestowed upon us from the Cosmos….”
“We may recognize one of the glorious gifts of the New Moon in Pisces is that of experiencing an open heart, to feel the utmost tenderness and compassion for self and for all. We may be able to sense how truly connected we are – Soul to Soul.  Important insights may arrive through dream symbolism or heightening of intuition. If there is lingering pain or wound of sorts – perhaps with this wave of gentle healing energy and forgiveness,  it will flush out of and peace is restored…”
“This New Moon in Pisces is highly inspiring and is wonderful space for healers, artists, writers and those who channel. It is a great energy for healing session as well as receiving Spiritual guidance and reading.”
“The New Moon in Pisces is happening under a “11″ vibration, this leads us to feel the silent loving connection from the Divine. We have the opportunity to embrace both our Spiritual/Soul and our human aspects and see the unity or Oneness of ourselves and with all of life. Enjoy the experience of this gorgeous New Moon in Pisces and notice the subtle synchronicity unfolding now. Feel the beauty of peace now.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved
From the always inspired Pat Liles from The Power Path.com:
“This most feminine expression of Moon energies is calling, calling, calling us inward, downward to our depths to drink from our inner wells of divine inspiration.  As we pass deeper into our inner sanctuary, we witness all around us the ills and suffering created on the physical plane when we keep ourselves separate from the nourishment and guidance of inner divine contact.”
“Piscean compassion is born out of just such witnessing of the addictions we use to protect our hearts, the shutting down of our energy flow to defend against further perceived trauma, and the delusions that we can have any control of life’s twists and turns.   As we witness compassionately, we must also be like Innana, (Ishtar) Queen of Heaven, who as she approaches the seven gates of the underworld must offer up her crown, her cloak, her amulets, jewels, her girdle, her gown and even her skin, so too must we surrender protections and self aggrandizements in exchange for union with the divine being residing in all of us.  Surrender to the source greater than the self and Compassion for those who find this the most difficult task of all is Pisces’ wisdom.”
“Before our time of rebirth in Aries at the powerful Spring Equinox, we are blessed to pause here at the New Moon of mutable, water at the completion of the zodiac wheel in Pisces…We are preparing for some exalted times ahead.  In April-May we have a triple eclipse package, lunar-solar-lunar, and in July we will experience a Grand Sextile in earth and water signs and a Grand Trine with the three water signs.  These are tremendous blessings, and this New Moon is the perfect and most powerful opportunity to clear out the past and that which does not support your emotional, psychic and spiritual well-being.”
“We have not just New Moon, but a total of seven orbs in Pisces (Mars, Moon, Sun, Venus, Chiron, Mercury, and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces in her own sign) calling us to this practice of surrender and compassion…And now with the Sun and the Moon bringing the luminaries to Pisces, a truly exalted opportunity to bathe and soothe our psyches in Pisces healing, loving domain is presented.  Here we can learn to trust what we can’t see and float in the sea of the collective unconscious, to tap in to the unspoken and rejuvenate our poetic imagination, intuition, and visions of what we will bring into manifestation when the Sun in Aries rises in the east on March 20th.”
“… New Moon holds the potential of a spacious still point of connection with the Web of Life that we are all manifesting.  Focus on your heart and breathe.  Pisces is the sign most able to access ecstasy and bliss!”
© Copyright 2013 ~Pat Liles All Rights Reserved”

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