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Simple is Sustainable…..

Enough said….. 

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“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci


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PS – it’s not just for chicks…..

A Random Thought Regarding Forgiveness….

Tell me if logic prevails …….

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If you are religious and God – or whatever you call I Am – truly loves you unconditionally then why would there be any need to look there for forgiveness?

If you don’t believe in God and the universe is just a great big place that truly – by it’s nature – doesn’t give a damn what you do or don’t do – then where do you go for forgiveness?

The only place where it matters –

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Your Self……. 

When is the Beginning….and the End – of Acceptance?

“When is the Beginning….and the End – of Acceptance?” R. Golden

A random thought – on the journey of the self to the Self…..

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“Every man reaches a point when he realizes he’s not going to be president…”  The Lake Effect

Then what?

Rock Balancing – My “New Black” for Meditation….

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I’m sorry – I just can’t sit still long enough to meditate in the traditional sense.  I try.  I’ve tried for years.  I believe in the benefits of meditation.  Reduced stress, connecting to your inner knowing, getting to that still small voice, raising your vibration, raising your consciousness – getting connected and plugged into the matrix – the All That Is.  Basically getting to that centered happy place where everything is right and ripe with possibility.  The best I’ve been able to do though is about 5 minutes – and then – I just get squirmy.  And then I’d get sad…..or mad.  Are all the bennies of meditating going to be lost for me just because I’m hopeless at it? I mean – how fair is that?? There had to be another form of meditation that would garner the same results but allow me to be Me.

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Ahhhhh….I rediscovered Rock Balancing. Years ago I did it for fun.  I thought it was the height of cool and awe to look inbetween the two balanced rocks and see one maybe two pinpoints of connection and a whole lot of light streaming through. That the seemingly impossible was possible – I mean – doesn’t that look impossible?  Yet – it is…

It dawned on me that it was a perfect analogy for seeking divine connection and light. That what I percieve to be impossible in my life was actually quite possible… With the added bonus of not having to sit still – I can use my whole mind/body/spirit, I am out in nature and I get a piece of incredible art to ponder when I’m done – and leave for someone else’s enjoyment.  The meditative aspect for me is that unless I am absolutely present when balancing rock upon rock – it’s just not going to happen. I’m not going to find that sweet spot of equalibrium. Rock Balancing forces me in a delightful way to be completely in the moment.  And isn’t that really the goal of any meditative practice?

Give it a go – get out in nature, find a few rocks and see what happens.  I have small ones I use inside when it rains.  What can I say – I know myself and my limits….

If rock balancing doesn’t work and you know you can’t sit still either – golf accomplishes the same thing – you have to “Be Here Now” or it ain’t gonna happen –  just ask my brothers…..

                                    It’s all about the Journey, Baby…