Celebrating an Aimless Wanderer…


“She Lives by her own definition and will not compromise that – not even for the illusion of belonging.

I dedicate this to an extraordinary woman who lives by example and compels us all to see the world through new eyes.

By the time you read this she will be traveling the world where I know she will find new and inspiring ideas, amazing cultures, vistas – the lonely and the crowded, history, art, music, food, people, philosophy – possibility.  And in that way that is only her – that crazy thing she does – she will make something happen.  Some alchemy that leaves the world a better place.

I’ve heard her called a quitter –

“An Aimless Wanderer”

But not all who wander are aimless….

Especially not those who seek Truth

Beyond Tradition,

                Beyond Definition,

                                             Beyond the Image”

(Excerpt from last scene – Mona Lisa Smile – the movie – mostly)

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