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I was first introduced to concept of Light Gaps during a visit to the Monte Verde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica . Essentially, when a large canopy tree falls, usually during a storm, it takes out a section of the forest canopy thereby creating a Light Gap that allows direct sunlight to reach the forest floor. Dormant seedlings suddenly have the opportunity to germinate and grow. This energy has a direct and immediate effect on its environs.

“Heliotropism” is the scientific name for this kind of solar-centric behavior, behavior that in some sense represents nothing more than brute reflex, evidence of a biological need so fundamental that its denial would mean the difference between life and death. Plants need light, so they move toward it. End of story.” by Arika Theule-VanDam http://www.rca.org/Page.aspx?pid=6515

I like what Arika implies here – that there is an urgency, an imperative that

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demands we give our ideas, dreams and aspirations a chance. We need light – our souls demand that we explore the possibilities of worlds outside the limited cage of our logical rational world. In the absence of that opportunity – illness, addictions, aberrant behavior like forest floor parasites, are given their opportunities to use and eventually kill their hosts – end of story. I also believe we all experience our own light gaps during the course of our lives. An illness, sudden death, loss of a job or a serious accident – any number of things act like that giant tree falling in the wind – ripping away our canopy of complacency and offers light to the emergent and urgent needs of the truest nature of ourselves. We have the choice of what to do with that opportunity. In our tender, dark and private forest floor moments, I believe we all yearn for a light gap of our own.

I decided to create my own Light Gap this sabbatical year. To explore what Brezsny calls the alternate realities of the unconscious, the dreamtime, the spiritual sphere, the intelligence of nature and the realm of the ancestors. This site is a venue for just such exploration. And, to insist on a hard and fast direction or one concrete path at the start of this journey seems to me to negate the very notion of a light gap in its infancy.

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The forest floor – once availed of the light – produces all manner of plant species. It is only over time that those strong enough and meant to grow to full height and maturity will overtake the weaker, less relevant species and fully engage their environment. They will then contribute their unique attributes to the overall ecosystem. The outcome is a mystery – the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

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I am going to let all my up-til-now dormant ideas, writings and ruminations have their voice – finally. See what they have to say. Over time – organically – the ones meant to nurture not only myself but hopefully inspire others and add positively to the whole will make themselves known. Lumen Hiatus is not focused on one plane of thought but rather allows myself and a reader to experience a renaissance of thought without the constraint of parameter or agenda. And, in its turn, may perhaps inspire others to create their own Lumen Hiatus.


13 responses to “About Lumen Hiatus

  1. Lisa Peterman

    I just want to say congratulations on being the bravest adventuress I know!
    This is great! Love Lisa

  2. Rai-Rai,
    Congratulations on making the hard choices a few years ago that are allowing you to follow the path you are choosing to walk on…….hard choices are always followed by hard work and equally exciting rewards at the end of the rainbow await when the work is accomplished. You did it all by yourself…. I hope you follow through with this venture with the same determination.

  3. So very proud of you! Have a wonderful adventure, explore and “be”!!! Much love from Seattle little queeny! Brandie!

  4. beautiful metaphor, as you say we all need a ‘light gap’ so the seeds deep inside our souls have a chance to grow by allowing us time to listen to that inner voice so often ignored by the rational, practical aspect of our minds..

  5. I was simply going to ask if this pays you anything… until I saw that you quoted me late last year…and now I REALLY want to know…Does this pay you (or me) anything?

    Love the “work” if you can do it…do it. Perhaps, If I can offer whimsy… with all the talk about being on your forest floor…you should learn how to climb a tree…may come in handy once in a while…

    Love you tons…

    Your little brother…

  6. Love it!

  7. Nice writing.
    As someone once said, “Let there be light…” 😉

  8. Hi, thanks so much for following my blog. Really enjoyed looking around Lumen Hiatus. The photography is lovely and the concept is really unique. I look forward to future posts!

  9. Yey for you! I think I’m hopping on here kind of late, but I surely hope (and know) that your Journey has been transformative.

    • Thank you Julianna for the visit and kind words – now, after 2 years, I can say that I am beginning to see definite “idea plants” making themselves known and dominant. It has been an amazing, crazy, wonderous, ponderous, hugely scary (at time) ride. Had I know some of it prior to starting I can heartily say I wouldn’t have done it. But like Karen Diinsen in Out of Africa said “sometimes I think the world is round so we don’t see too far down the road…” So well worth it though – in ways I can’t possibly describe.

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