Stones have many uses –

Stones as weights to keep something important from escaping….

Stones as projectiles for punishing the adulteress, weapons against the British in N. Ireland…

Stones as markers – caches, graves – one holding the promise of life – the other the remains of life…

Stones balanced in meditative practice for a restless practitioner….

Touch stones, Worry stones, stones for good luck, stones as symbols – Stonehenge, the Stone of Scone, Viking runes in Nova Scotia….

Stones convey a sense of permanence -“The state or quality of lasting or remaining unchanged indefinitely”

Perhaps that’s why I collect them.  To give me a sense of permanence in an existence that – to date – has known only of the definition rather than the experience…

Stones 2Perhaps that’s why I have a basket of them – collected over the last decades from many countries visited, the myriad places I’ve lived…..

Perhaps that’s why I carry my stones in a basket – –

Used as my roving sense of permanence as I pack to move  – yet again –

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