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Written in Stone…..

I was gifted a beautiful intentional exercise by my wild and lovely pal Nadya.  Me – being me – took it a step further.

We were talking about making order out of seeming chaos, embracing the chaos and accepting that perhaps – just perhaps – layered under the mystery is a larger natural order.  We also spoke of directed energy.  Taking desires from a vision to an intent but – rather than focusing on the ‘thing’ – focusing on the qualities.  The energy of the qualities imbued, given name – thus give form to formless energy.  The outcome remains a mystery and therein lies all the fun.  Seriously – isn’t it the anticipation of a gift that keeps us juiced rather than the gift itelf?  Well – maybe not if we’re talking about shoes…

You’ll need time, a sharpie, and a place where rocks gather –

stone fieldFind a field of stones that strikes your fancy and just enjoy the whole of it.  Each rock an individual but gives itself over to the collective that we see as this field…

stones 1Select your stones – perhaps they will speak to you, call you to pick them up.  You’ll know if you need only one or many…. Arrange this selection and just appreciate their blank beauty – their individuation outside of the collective you just plucked them from.  Do they look different to you now that they are not the faceless many in the stone field?

written in stoneTake a few breaths, empty your mind of the chatter and focus on your heart.  Without taking too much time – write the qualities that your heart is speaking to you on your rock.  Take a few minutes to appreciate the message given.

Here is the message – all of these qualities you’ve named – you already possess – you just got distracted and forgot.  The ‘things’ you desire that you think will give you these qualities – once acquired – don’t.  Start with affirming these already exist within you regardless of any outward or worldly appearances.

It’s written in stone….

PS:  Nadya likes to throw her stones in the water.  Me?  I like to leave them for another to stumble upon and perhaps be inspired.  Better yet – wander away with one or more that spoke to them.

BTW – This is how rocks travel….